Why Not Label GMO Foods?

As I have come to realize that a healthy diet is right for me and for my family, I have become more concerned with reading food labels. I want to know if there are organic ingredients or not and I want to be able to tell if anything in the food is a potential problem for me or any members of my family. It is nothing personal against the manufacturers, but I also want to know if it is GMO.

To Use GMO or Not Use GMO

I really did not know much about the topic or what it means to eat GMO food. It seemed to me that a banana is a banana and that is it, with the same being true for other foods. As it turns out, that is not the case. I had heard that GMOs were dangerous, but it seems a bit like hype to me so I decided to do some research.

GMO Foods

I did find some huge controversy and many articles which push me away from eating GMO-based foods. On the other hand, I also found that it is perfectly safe. To state the least, I am confused. Either way, I still want to see it on the label and I was shocked to discover that products do not have to label that they have GMOs in them.

If it is Safe, Why No Label?

The biggest concern that struck me is, I think, a reasonable one. If GMO products are perfectly safe, what is the big problem with requiring them to be labeled as such. After all, it should be a point of pride that the food is safe and it should be clarified on any labels.

As it turns out, I ran across an interesting article in the New York Times that agrees with my view. The article is written by a man who actually runs a GMO company. He, himself, stated that the foods containing GMO ingredients should be labeled to indicate this. There is plenty of evidence to show it is safe and the opponents are incorrect.


Another of my concerns as a parent is the use of pesticides and herbicides in foods. Even though I have read that the GMO foods are safe, none of them are organic and they all have to use herbicides and anti-fungal agents to keep them from going bad. What if I want to switch to all organic?

This brought some great concern upon me because these companies are not at all required to label the food for GMO in every state.

My Conclusion

Biotechnology can be very useful and bio-engineered foods are an example of this. Still, people should be allowed to decide for themselves, especially since the information available is so controversial.

Genetically-modified food is safe, according to most researchers. Not labeling them is just creating more secrecy and arousing fear with doubt. If it is clearly labeled, consumer trust could be gained. Biotechnology companies and the food companies should begin to trust consumers.