Why the Biotech Industry is Excited About Cannabidiol

Many companies in the biotech industry are researching cannabis extracts. It is a green field for them because some medicines containing cannabinoids have been legalized for the treatment of specific diseases, and conditions like pain, anxiety, and insomnia. They feel the use of cannabis extract for medicinal purposes has not been exhausted.

James Reed, editor in chief of iSum, and author of the most read post on where to buy CBD oil near me, says the following: “The idea of new inventions motivates them to explore new treatment options. It helps increase the products in their company, and eventually, the company grows. If you own a pharmaceutical company, be it a small biotech stock or a large pharmaceutical, it certainly pays to pay attention to emerging health trends.”

CBD’s Appeal to the Biotech Industry

Some of the reasons why the biotech industry is excited about cannabidiol include:

  • It is a new sector – being an entirely new field gives an equal chance to each company to come up with great products.
  • Invention – in the tech world, invention is a key motivation. You want to create something that has never been there and get credit for it.
  • New market – the medicines made from cannabidiol will create a new market for the company.

The drugs that have already been made using cannabidiol are:


Sativex is a drug that is manufactured by GW Pharmaceuticals. It is a mouth spray. Its main component contains two cannabinoids, THC and CBD.

It is approved to treat spasticity, which is caused by multiple sclerosis and to reduce the pain felt by cancer patients. It is approved in different countries. These countries are Spain, the UK, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Norway, Israel, Finland, and among others.

You can only use this medicine under a doctor’s prescription because it contains THC, which is the cannabinoid that brings the ‘high’ effect of marijuana. Regardless, there are no health risks to THC use, and it is not addictive.


This medicine is in liquid form. It has a fruit flavor to make it more palatable for children. GW Pharmaceuticals also manufactures Epidiolex. This is the first medicine containing cannabis approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It is used to treat two types of severe childhood epilepsy. These are Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Epidiolex is safe for children. Cannabidiol, the cannabinoid used in its manufacture does not get your children high. It has curative properties instead. Cannabis-based medications present with few, if any side effects, though, like with any medication, it can vary by the patient.

In Summary

It’s easy to see why the biotech industry is excited about cannabidiol. Despite only recently gaining the legality needed to cut through the red-tape surrounding the medical marijuana industry, cannabidiol has already been proven effective for a variety of widespread health issues.

At this point, it has become a race not only to discover the most profitable new CBD-based medication, but also to go down in history for finding the cure to some of humanity’s most common ailments—it’s an exciting time for medicine, patients, and the growing CBD and marijuana industries.